Exitus - Drifting II
Music, lyrics and arrangements by Daniel GildenlŲw

(I will never submit to all the things you've said god!)

We're breaching the core - we're breaching the core
We're breaching the core - we're breaching...

To taste it
To touch it
Cut my hand
To crave it
Enslave it
Pluck my eye

I can never submit to all the things youíve said God
If you want me dead, Iím right here God
But fear is a funny thing God
In that it gives you the strength to resist just about anything God
And friend turns to enemy
So easily
When you defend your legacy with guilt
And talk of blasphemy
You know
You created a golden cage for you sheep
A stage too wide and deep for us to even see the play
But hey
You know what they say about catching the bird
But you canít make it sing?
You lose the bird the second it loses its wings
Just like I reckon you will lose your herd
To choirs of ĒI am, I am, I amĒ
And mountains and mountains of money and things!

We're breaching the core - all breaching
We're breaching the core - still breaching

"Help me Iím starting to fade
Save me Iím drifting away"

But we can change
We can change...?
I said we can change!

We can change, we can change - still breaching...
We can change, we can change - still breaching...

I hold it
Iím never
Letting go
I settle for rash rather than risk going to slow
I sought it
I killed it
But now I know
I'm left somewhat broken but I won't let it show
Hear me now!

"Man is shattered
I am shattered
My shards have become shards of their own
Pieces of pieces, impossible to put back together
Spending their lives seeking a context they were always a part of
And so, they leave the context
And we shrink
I fade
And nothing more can be learnt or taught
I have no choice but to leave them to their own devices
I have come to understand one thing and one thing alone
One little piece of understanding
Glowing through this void of blankness and clean slates
Like a beacon of hope
Or just a reminder that I was always wrong:

Searching for yourself is like looking for the house you stand in
How could you possibly find it?
Itís everywhere
Itís all you know
And there are no other points of reference"

Help me Iím starting to fade
Save me, I'm drifting away
Help me, I'm dying now
(Imago: What are these stains? They stay, stay when it rains...)
Curtains before my final bow
(Imago: ...burning my skin. It's burning... burning... burning my skin!)
Drifting, just drifting away
(Imago: Burning... Take it away, it's burning me... Burning my skin!)
Leaving with all thatís still left to say
(Imago: Now life... now life... fails our kin!)
I failed
I failed
We failed
We failed...