tonight Iíll fall
looking for something
wonderful yet casual
extraordinarily temporal
and there you are
letís go
you hooked me
on the dance floor
so here I am
back for more
you seem experienced
just an inch too keen
on getting exposed
having your face in every magazine
youíre far from being unique
but you still look pristine
mundanely exotic
like the french cuisine
my Disco Queen - letís disco...

youíre a cheap sellout drug
on everyoneís lips
covered every day
done every way
a whole world at your hips
a bar to fit
the beats you take
another hit
and you will break
undressed in front of me
all glistening ebony
youíre still so young
but I will show you vintage 33
I lay you on your back
inviting curves of black
making little noises
as my needle finds your track
my Disco Queen - letís disco
disco Queen - letís disco...

you leave me wanting more
panting on all four
I know thereís more to pluck
and so I go for the encore
I am turning you around
to play your other side
a tighter groove
I want it
but I tremble slip and slide
baby youíre just what I need
you purr when I make you bleed
I pump you till you cry - feel so alive
I crank you up and switch to 45
a screaming climax chord
I give you all Iíve stored
a momentís silence and youíre filled up
yet emptier than before
oh - that subtle little sound
as I am pulling out
a finished dish upon my plate
is what itís all about
a square round of greed
you surrendered to the rhythm
spinning around your hole
disco made you famous
but tonight you tasted soul
I pumped you till you cried - felt so alive
I cranked you up and switched to 45
you are just begging for more
but I unlock the door
(tonight Iíll fall...)
youíre old news now and so
I leave you trembling on the floor...

my Disco Queen...
my Disco Queen
letís disco...