Someone sells us Toys in a cheap cartoon
someone sells us Cars in the latest Bond
thatís coming soon
someone sells us Trends through a sitcom star
someone sells Herself in a docu-soap
that goes too far
Life on sale
can someone please just tell me what happened?
I mean, first we pay for fastfood that will make us all fat and tired
so then we pay for elevators
so we wonít have to climb the three stairs up to our aparents
then we buy freakiní StairMaster machines
so we can burn away while watching someone make real food on TV
now, if that doesnít make us winners I donít know what will
I bet we would hang ourselves, if the world would just cut us the slack
and now you think maybe you should see a shrink
help you feel alive again - yeah, thatís a plan
just tell us who to pay
someone sells us Man in a White House speech
then Woman tightly pressed
between two bouncing breasts on a Baywatch beach
someone sells us Us everywhere I turn
then introducing Them
to earn stock points on our concern
all for sale
itís all for sale...
welcome down to planet Earth
please donít ask us what itís worth
you will notice that the world you found
is slightly tattered and worn down
someone sold us every stain
now if you wish to complain
thereís an open spot at 6 pm
thatís when Caucasia is listening
if youíre tearing down my world
please just try to do it gently...
there is love inside
for a dream that has to die
see, itís really all about time and choice:
the fastfood saves us enough time to squeeze lunch in exactly when we want it
the elevators save us just a little more
and the StairMaster lets us choose exactly when to walk the stairs
time is so important these days
itís becoming a fucking disease
and I guess in a way it is
since it is bound to kill us all in the end
now with all the time and money we stash away on othersí expense
I can only assume that the tickets to hell are really expensive
and for some reason
itís important to be first in line
someone sells us God in 2-for-1 with Shame
someone sells us War
and the marketing looks just the same
someone sells us Fear on TV each day
a shape for every taste
if the flavorís right we gladly pay
all on sale
weíre all on sale...
welcome to the only Earth
please enjoy your only birth
you will learn to take more than you give
buying scars we must live with
someone sold us every scar
they somehow made us what we are
we all want that spot at 6 pm
but no one is really listening
not anymore
weíre all too busy
buying Sex
buying War
buying Self Confidence
Insurance Plans
just buying More & More
as youíre tearing down my world
please just try to do it gently...
(thereís still love inside for the dream that had to die)
as youíre tearing down our world..